Saturday, September 29, 2007



Builds From: Starport
Armament: Laser Batteries, Yamato Cannon, Plasma Torpedoes
Role: Capital Ship

Terran's flagship the Battlecruiser is back with new weapons, popularly known in the voice of Russian accent "Battlcruiser operational". This heavily armored combat ships are virtual flying fortresses, built to keep the peace and dominate the space lanes of the Koprulu sector. Outfitted with bristling laser batteries and thick neosteel armor, these imposing vessels are among the most powerful to be found in terran space. Many commanders use battlecruisers as their command vessels during extended campaigns.

Research has led to the development of two alternative weapon upgrades that can be retrofitted into a battlecruiser hull to supplement its already formidable armament.

Plasma Torpedos:

Plasma torpedoes give battlecruisers an armament capable of saturating a target area with a lethal deluge of fire, ideal for breaking up oncoming attack waves or ravaging a defensive position.

For me it just similar to The Banshee's cluster rockets which is an anti-ground bombardment.

Yamato Cannon:

The Yamato cannon is a terrifying weapon that uses an intense magnetic field to focus a nuclear detonation into a cohesive beam of energy. The cannon requires a huge reserve of energy to fire, but its effects on the target are impressive, to say the least.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Protoss Mothership the ultimate weapon!!!

Builds From: Stargate
Armament: Disruptor Pulse
Role: Capital Ship

The most awaited unit in Starcraft 2 has finally emerged. The Goddess of Destruction is what you can best describe on the Protoss Mothership, was a mystery since it's been revealed.

Earth Cracker

A large single pulse from the bottom of Mothership that destroys anything like a tornado once it passed to an enemy unit and building.

Time Bomb

I have no idea why is this called Time Bomb. Anyway this ability will negate enemy weapons by surrounding the enemy units with magnetic field that their weapons won't even pass through.

Cloacking Field

The Mothership takes the role of the Arbiter from Starcraft1, which gives invisibility to the Protoss units.

I don't know if the "black hole" ability of the Mothership that will suck enemy units that nears to it has been scrapped. It was not shown on the Starcraft2 official site. Maybe Blizzard feels that the Mothership's abilities is a bit too much, that will affect the balance of power between the 3 races.