Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Terran Crucio Siege Tank

Terran Crucio Siege Tank
Builds From: Factory
Armament: Twin 90mm Cannons (assault mode)
120mm Shock Cannon (siege mode)
Role: Armored Support and Mobile Artillery

Terran's most devastation ground unit the siege tank has been upgraded. The old aging Arclite siege tank was originally for final defense for the Confederacy adopted two batteform: the mobile assault mode and the deployed siege mode. The tank's abilities became a major success for the Terran Army.

Although it is supremely effective on the operations, it has some weakness also as a battle tank. It was a superb defensive unit, but in offensive operations it needs support units to get to a forward emplacement. Enemies would often make to get close to deployed siege tank battery so they could exploit its vulnerabilities. If they were successful, this tactic usually meant a destruction for the Arclites because even in assault mode the tank were too undergunned and poorly armored to fight off a determined close-range assault.

The New Crucio tank is designed for increased survivability with a new large, reinforced turret and hull. The new turret layout also features an upgraded assault-mode armament package so that the Crucio can fend for itself more successfully from the enemies on the battlefield. Force deployment costs for the Crucio have increased over the older Arclite Tank, but the increased versatility of the powerful new siege tank more than compensates for the additional expense.