Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Starcraft 2 release date leaked in Amazon!!!

Of all the pc games I have played in my life, I have never been so excited in following a game such as Starcraft 2. When I recently heard the breaking news about Starcraft 2, I was so happy and I couldn't believe that my favourite PC game, Which is also arguably the best in its genre, has a second installment.

I waited till December for Starcraft 2 to be released due to rumors that Blizzard will release it on Christmas. Unfortunately for us fans, December have gone by and there is still no official news from Blizzard regaring the release date. They just issue a statement SAYING "Starcraft 2's release date will be announced when the game is about to completed

Not until I went to Amazon and start searching some games and I discovered that Starcraft 2 is already on the list. Here is what I found and finally i have a clue on the release date of Starcraft 2.

Not until I visited and searched Amazon.com Did I discover that Starcraft 2 is already on their list. Here is what I found and I finally have a clue on the release date of the game.

Starcraft 2 will be released on October 1, 2008 in Amazon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Terran Crucio Siege Tank

Terran Crucio Siege Tank
Builds From: Factory
Armament: Twin 90mm Cannons (assault mode)
120mm Shock Cannon (siege mode)
Role: Armored Support and Mobile Artillery

Terran's most devastation ground unit the siege tank has been upgraded. The old aging Arclite siege tank was originally for final defense for the Confederacy adopted two batteform: the mobile assault mode and the deployed siege mode. The tank's abilities became a major success for the Terran Army.

Although it is supremely effective on the operations, it has some weakness also as a battle tank. It was a superb defensive unit, but in offensive operations it needs support units to get to a forward emplacement. Enemies would often make to get close to deployed siege tank battery so they could exploit its vulnerabilities. If they were successful, this tactic usually meant a destruction for the Arclites because even in assault mode the tank were too undergunned and poorly armored to fight off a determined close-range assault.

The New Crucio tank is designed for increased survivability with a new large, reinforced turret and hull. The new turret layout also features an upgraded assault-mode armament package so that the Crucio can fend for itself more successfully from the enemies on the battlefield. Force deployment costs for the Crucio have increased over the older Arclite Tank, but the increased versatility of the powerful new siege tank more than compensates for the additional expense.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Terran TF-620 Nomad

TF-620 Nomad

Builds From: Starport
Armament: None
Role: Battlefield Support/Construction

Terran's new unit the Nomad is an advance air mobile multi purpose unit of the Terran Forces.
It works as manufacturing center and observation post that detects cloaking units that will replace the science vessel. Its two aft-mounted nano-welders, the nomad can construct a variety of small, semi-permanent defensive structures to meet various threats in a matter of moments.

Several standard template constructions are available to the nomad, a popular example being the auto turret. This simple robot gun emplacement is suitable for driving off smaller hostile life forms for an extended period of time.

Nomads provided low-level protection to its most isolated outposts, typically manning them with local civilians as something akin to a volunteer fire truck or ambulance service.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Protoss Oberver


Builds From
Robotics Facility
Armament: None
Role: Scout

The best tactical spying unit the Protoss Observer is still in the cast of the most anticipated PC games this 2007, the Starcraft 2. These spying drones are employed to survey vast wasteland areas or observe and record battles for study within the protoss archives. Their complex sensor array leaves little energy for defenses, but they can detect cloaked or concealed enemies with ease. This ability makes observers invaluable auxiliary units on the battlefield.

Observers that are used for deep-space exploration are often deployed without any defensive systems. However, those destined for use in a combat zone are equipped with a micro-cloaking field to hide them from the enemy. The small sensor signature of an observer means that the drone does not have to drain its energy in order to maintain the field over long periods.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Terran Sensor Tower

Terran's new structure the Sensor tower will give the Terran army good intelligence on the enemy positions. Operation Terran military analysts all agree that "Knowing is half the battle" and that early warning is one of the keys to victory. The sensor tower is a vital tool for long-range surveillance of enemy movement and the detection of stealthed aggressors. Sensor towers are a lynchpin of terran base defenses, and as such, they need to be heavily guarded. A smart attacker will try to destroy sensor towers as the first priority.

A sensor tower processes a whole battery of input, constantly updating a commander's knowledge of the battlefield. By using both passive and active thermal and electromagnetic scanning mixed with millimetric radar sweeps, input from seismic sensors, and Doppler analysis, a sensor tower can quickly pinpoint any target within range. Even foes that are out of sight behind terrain can be detected, although a visual verification will still be required to positively identify them.

The downside to all this multi-spectrum output is that foes can easily detect the presence of a sensor tower and use it to identify the whereabouts of a terran base. Other strategies revolve around "spoofing" the tower with decoy units or simply staying outside its range. Terran commanders have been known to counter by erecting sensor towers in fake base locations just to keep enemies guessing. Just like the video below.