Monday, December 17, 2007

Terran TF-620 Nomad

TF-620 Nomad

Builds From: Starport
Armament: None
Role: Battlefield Support/Construction

Terran's new unit the Nomad is an advance air mobile multi purpose unit of the Terran Forces.
It works as manufacturing center and observation post that detects cloaking units that will replace the science vessel. Its two aft-mounted nano-welders, the nomad can construct a variety of small, semi-permanent defensive structures to meet various threats in a matter of moments.

Several standard template constructions are available to the nomad, a popular example being the auto turret. This simple robot gun emplacement is suitable for driving off smaller hostile life forms for an extended period of time.

Nomads provided low-level protection to its most isolated outposts, typically manning them with local civilians as something akin to a volunteer fire truck or ambulance service.

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